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Harlequin Indoor

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Harlequin Indoor


SCBD Labs Harlequin Indoor

CBD <16.0%
THC <1.0%
The Harlequin will really seduce everyone with its compact and impressive heads, mixing two types of green, and covered with yellow-orange trichomes, tending in places to brown, giving it a very particular aspect and color. Maybe this is why it is called the Harlequin?

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Détails & Saveurs


Its aromas also range from toasted hazelnut with a woody, earthy edge to fruity, sweet honey and floral scents, creating a unique taste and smell experience.

Bon à savoir

Type de culture Intérieur
Type de souche Hybride
Terpènes Beta-caryophyllène, Beta-Myrcène
Cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBC, THC, THCv

Saveurs principales



Indoor cultivation, leaf removal by hand. This new exclusive variety is distinguished by its complete spectrum of cannabinoids, the beauty and the size of its flowers, as well as by its delicious aromas.

Descended from a Colombian Gold, a Thai and a local Swiss variety, Harlequin fully assumes its multiple origins. Its dominant Sativa (75/25) and its high natural rate of CBD confer to it notable energizing, analgesic and alleviating effects, while remaining almost neutral in THC. It is thus a choice of king for the people supporting badly the psychoactive effects of the cannabis, or which above all are in search of the other and numerous properties of this flower. It is also for these reasons perfectly adapted to the beginners wanting to know their first experiences in this domain.

It will really know how to seduce everyone with its compact and impressive heads, mixing two types of green, and covered with yellow-orange trichomes, pulling by places on the brown, giving him an aspect and a quite particular color. From where perhaps its name?

Its aromas also range from roasted hazelnut with a woody and earthy side to fruity and sweet scents of honey and flowers, creating a unique taste and smell experience.

Information importante

This product is composed only of dried hemp flowers (Cannabis Sativa L.). It is sold as raw material and is not intended for smoking. The customer is responsible for checking the legislation in force in the country of importation concerning the authorized THC rate. In no case the company SCBD Labs can be held responsible. According to the OFSP any promise of cure is prohibited and SCBD Labs is not authorized to provide medical information on its products. The products are not intended to cure diseases, nor are they intended for prevention or diagnosis. Please consult your physician before consuming products containing cannabidiol as it may have pharmacological properties.

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