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Indoor Gold


CBD Pollen from Switzerland
CBD <20.0%
THC <1.0%
Our Indoor Gold is an alluring, beautifully-colored brick that truly resembles its namesake.

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What does this CBD Pollen taste like?

The Word of the Expert

"Soft and light. Unlike Limoncello, Gold leaves lemon aside to take us to grapefruit."


Its color and brittleness give it a very pleasant sandy appearance, while it has a predominantly earthy smell with a citrusy finish. Its flavors provide a delicious accompaniment to its aroma. As one of our most balanced pollens, it is very sweet and pleasant to consume.

Tasting Notes

Appearance Crumbly Sandy Yellow
Palate Soft Earthy Agrumes



Good To Know

Grow Type Indoor

How to taste Swiss Premium Pollen Indoor Gold


This pollen is a yellow very easy to incorporate into a mix. It will accompany without problem your flower or your favorite tobacco. Its brittleness allows him to slip in everywhere. It will get you sweet earthy notes accompanied by citrus notes.


The ideal temperature to vaporize one of our pollens is between 200°C and 210°C. Be careful, exceeding 210°C will lead to combustion. Once vaporized, our indoor Gold is even better. An intense taste is released, revealing earthy, pollen and citrus notes.


Need an alternative? Think about infusion! The health benefits and effects will be even better. You can infuse our hemp dust in a fatty substance (milk, butter,...) and thus benefit from the effects of CBD by mixing your infusions with your culinary preparations.

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